A Blueprint for Building an Effective Lead Generation Website

By Brad Shorr, Director of Content Strategy, Straight North

Brad Shorr, Director of Content Strategy, Straight North

E-commerce companies tend to be extremely methodical and results-focused when building and continuously improving their websites. After all, what choice do they have; if their websites fail to generate sales, they’re out of business.

In contrast, companies with lead generation websites can afford to be (and often are) less careful in the construction of their websites. After all, they can always rely on their sales teams to keep them in business — or so they think.

In reality, as digital commerce becomes more and more the norm even in traditionally sales-driven verticals, every company needs a high-quality lead generation website to keep its lead pipeline flowing. To provide a blueprint for success, Straight North, a PPC management company and website developer headquartered in Chicago, created the white paper below, How to Build a High Performance Lead Generation Website.

" By applying the proper techniques, any business website can be transformed into a lead generating machine "

The white paper breaks down the elements of an effective lead generation website into five areas: usability, mobile design, SEO, copywriting, and conversion optimization. It is quite necessary for the website to excel in all five areas if it is going to attract a high number of high-quality leads.

There are important reasons why all five areas are essential:

• Usability has grown in importance as website users gain more experience in a digital world — to say nothing of younger adults who are digital natives and, consciously or unconsciously, connoisseurs of website usability. Whereas five years ago interested users may have put up with a clumsy website, todaythey will simply move on to a more hospitable one and do business there.

• Mobile design has vastly grown in importance for two important reasons. First, from a user standpoint, mobile Internet access now exceeds desktop access, and the gap is increasing rapidly. Second, Google is shifting emphasis to mobile-friendly web content more rapidly than ever; mobile-unfriendly web pages will soon be lost in the organic shuffle.

• SEO is a lead generation linchpin for almost every company with a lead generation website. Very few brands are so powerful that they can afford to ignore the billions of searchers who use Google and other major search engines on a daily basis to find products and services.

• Copywriting is where “the rubber meets the road” in lead generation marketing. No matter how slick the design and user-friendly the navigation, at some point an interested website visitor is going to read something that either persuades him or her to submit an inquiry … or not. Companies that rely on in-house, non-professional copywriters may succeed in creating content that scores an occasional conversion, but will never be able to maintain a consistent flow of high-quality sales leads.

• Conversion rate optimization is something any e-commerce company worth its salt knows inside and out — but something companies with lead generation websites know very little about. Changes as simple as a different color or shape to a submit button can ignite a major boost in conversions, but without understanding the principles of CRO and best practices for testing, a company will be unable to translate success in the preceding four areas into solid, sustainable lead production.

If a company views its website as strictly a tool for branding and public relations, it is settling for what amounts to an underperforming asset. By applying the proper techniques, any business website can be transformed into a lead generating machine, capable of paying for itself many times over. I hope this white paper helps you add great value to your site.

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